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Board Certified Master Inspector

CE Schultz (Eric) owns & operates CE Schultz Home Inspections, a Houston area home inspection company.

Eric is a Board-Certified Master Inspector & Certified Thermographer (thermal camera specialist). By consistently providing high-quality work, Eric has established himself as the highest-rated single inspector firm in Houston. To lay bare his knowledge and professionalism, Eric produces informative content throughout this website. Further, he publishes a newsletter so homeowners can better understand the value of a high-quality home inspection and acquire a better understanding of the systems & components in their home.

Eric is also a devoted Husband & Father, dedicated martial artist (wrestler/grappler), former Army Ranger Instructor, Blogger, & avid coffee drinker (sippin’ “Joe” before it was hip).


It is our goal with every inspection that we undertake to provide unparalleled customer service & professionalism. We understand every facet of the home purchasing and inspecting experience & we work hard to ensure that our clients fully understand the level of risk associated with their intended purchase.

The overwhelming majority of our clients come from satisfied customers & ethical Real Estate Agents. We’ve never spent a single penny marketing to real estate offices or provided any monetary compensation for referrals. Rest assured, if your Agent has referred me, it’s because they’ve seen my work & want what is best for you as well.

Trusted Reviews

In the last few years, a few of Houston’s larger multi-inspector firms have begun the deceitful act of incentivizing customer reviews. This tactic has allowed them to quickly generate hundreds of reviews, far outpacing the national average in a short amount of time. Fortunately, I don’t compete on quantity & there’s no way these multi-inspector firms can provide better quality. It’s the number one advantage you have when working with a single-inspector firm:
You know who your inspector is going to be every time & my reputation is on the line.
Without exception, every review for my company was earned by providing an outstanding and unexpected level of expertise and customer service. I will do the same for you!


It’s not good enough to have outstanding customer service & meticulous report writing. Having completed thousands of home inspections in the Houston area, I’ve cultivated a large body of specific knowledge as it pertains to the Houston climate & installation practices used over the different decades. I’m also a Board-Certified Master Inspector, which is a highly sought-after industry distinction.
certified master inspector

Capabilities & Tools

Your inspector should possess the physical capabilities necessary to traverse your roof when safe to do so, and to navigate through your attic space. Some of the most significant defects are located in the hardest to access places.

What Good is a Home Inspector Without Tools? Believe it or not, there are no requirements in the TREC SOP that a home inspector brings anything but a pen and paper to your inspection. I bring thousands of dollars worth of state-of-the-art tools on every inspection to help ensure I gather as much data about your home as I can. Without these tools, I would not have been able to detect a jaw-dropping number of previous defects. I spend the money on these tools to save you thousands in potential repairs.

Book your home inspection with CES, and I’ll do my best work for you every time.