Hiring the Best Home Inspector

Finding the Right Home Inspector For You

Now more than ever, potential home buyers are hiring a home inspection company as a matter of course prior to closing on a home purchase. This has not always been the case. There are numerous reasons to invest in a home inspection company prior to finalizing your real estate transaction. In this article we will cover the differences between home inspection companies and how to find the right home inspection company for your needs.

Why You Need a Home Inspection!

When purchasing a new home, foregoing the home inspection to save a bit of money is a massive gamble. Everyday home inspectors across the nation are finding significant defects that were not disclosed by the seller. This is not typically due to nefarious reasons, the truth of the matter is; most home owners are not aware of the true condition of their own homes. Be it a subtle gas leak in the attic, a roof leak that is destroying attic framing members and creating a mold rich environment, or the unsettling realization that the HVAC system is years past its expected service life, a quality home inspection company can help to disclose the true condition of a home. Furthermore, quality home inspectors will provide critical information that can be used for years to come.

The fundamental reason to hire a home inspector is to gain a non-biased opinion on the working condition of all the major systems within a home. Should you choose to hire a specialist for each system in your home the total cost would be in the thousands! Additionally, you would never be certain if the hired specialist was providing you with honest feed-back, or if they attempting to pressure you into unnecessary repairs.

Home inspectors are not masters in each one of the numerous components of your home, therefore; their price is much more affordable. Should the home any signs or symptoms that would be conducive to further evaluation by a licensed specialist, you should feel comfortable in knowing that there was merit to the recommendation.

Do not underestimate the negotiating power and peace of mind that comes with a first-class home inspection report!

Interviewing a Home Inspector

There are a few things to consider prior to choosing your inspector. First, one must decide on the style of home inspection they are looking for. Be it, high-volume with a lower rate, or a low-volume with a higher rate. Both styles, which are discussed later in the article can affect a home buyer in different ways. I strongly recommend hiring a company that is going to spend ample time with the home, and then additional time summarizing and explaining any notable defects that were discovered during the inspection. Nevertheless; a vetting process should be undertaken. Here is a list of things that should be asked in addition to inquiring about licensing and qualifications:

  • How much time will the inspector use to inspect the home?
    • This will help you better categorize the inspector and his style
  • When will the report be available to view?
    • Thorough home inspectors very rarely generate on-site reports, as the volume of information cannot be delivered in so little time
  • Does the sample report look easy to understand? How thorough is it?
    • Professional and accurate reports help to legitimize any re-negotiation or defect repairs.
  • How well does the inspector communicate?
    • It will do you no good to hire an inspector that you can’t seem to communicate with, be it because of time or personal limitations. You need an inspector that can accurately convey their findings in a way that you can understand.
  • How many reviews does the company have? Are they merely testimonials on their own site, or are they from reputable websites?
    • It can be quite difficult to receive positive reviews. Most clients are far too busy, or under whelmed to be bothered to provide a solid review for a home inspection. Companies that generate the most valid off-site reviews can generally be relied upon to perform at a higher level of expertise and professionalism.

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

The cost of a home inspection is directly related to the variables that make up the home. Because every home is different, most inspection companies have a price bracket that a home may fall into. The price of the home is typically directly related to the estimated time on site. Every inspector charges for their time, and worth. The higher priced home inspectors will almost always be spending more time on your investment, with a greater understanding on what to look for, in conjunction with a better method of delivery.

The fact is, many home buyers that choose to invest in a quality home inspection company will recoup their return on investment. A lot of homes are listed higher in anticipation of the inevitable discoveries an inspection may find. Don’t miss your opportunity to recuperate a fair deal that could also jeopardize the safety of you and your family.

Below is a small list of some of the cost considerations that most home inspectors use to calculate their time on-site, and your total inspection fee.

  • Age of the home
  • Total livable square footage
  • Additional buildings
  • Thermal Imaging
  • Pools and spas
  • Irrigation systems

Hire the Best Inspector You Can

There is a class of Professional Home inspectors that strives everyday to excel in their industry. This higher level Home Inspector maintains a consistent tempo and an appreciation for your trust and business. I believe you get what you pay for. That is no excuse for inflating the cost of any product, yet the fact remains, we all pay more for superior service. I believe in my method of home inspection and I believe in a fair market value. Hire a CE Schultz Home Inspections home inspector today and I guarantee that you will be satisfied with our level of commitment and our expertise.