Crawl Space Inspection

At CE Schultz Home Inspections, you will have a thorough crawl space inspection with every TREC regulated Inspection. Your report will include digital camera photographs of noted deficiencies included within our industry leading home inspection reporting software for you. Though not a technically exhaustive crawl space inspection, CeS Inspections LLC takes great pride in finding and disclosing deficiencies observed within your home’s crawl space. Our visual approach is second only to hiring a costly professional engineering company, which may not be needed prior to closing. If your potential new home is on a pier and beam configuration, the prudent choice is to have a thorough crawl space inspection performed prior to closing by a CeS Inspections LLC home inspector.

Crawl Space Inspection Items

Your inspector will be looking for the following items during your home’s crawlspace inspection.

  • framing separations
  • floor cracks or separations
  • rotating, buckling, cracking, or deflecting joists and girders
  • deteriorated materials
  • deficiencies in foundation components such as; beams, joists, bridging, blocking, piers, posts, pilings, columns, sills or subfloor
  • deficiencies in retaining walls related to foundation performance
  • exposed or damaged reinforcement
  • crawl space ventilation, insulation and vapor barrier that is not performing or not present
  • crawlspace drainage that does not properly discharge water or ponding water

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