final inspection

your final home inspection

The final home inspection should be scheduled a few days before your scheduled walk-through with your builder. This will ensure that the building process is near completion so systems can be inspected. Because this final inspection is conducted as part of a real estate transaction, it is regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission. This inspection incorporates all the major systems in the home and is the most time consuming of the 3 phases.

YES...You Need a Final Inspection BEFORE You purchase Your Home From a Builder!

high-quality home inspector

Having done thousands of new construction inspections, I can testify that all new homes need an experienced and qualified 3rd party inspector for a full assessment. 

There is not a single professional in the builder’s chain of construction that will perform a systematic inspection of the home the way that a high-quality home inspector will. 

That’s one of the reasons why I find a staggering number of construction oversight issues in a large percentage of the new construction home’s that I inspect. 

Possible oversight issues

By providing my clients with a carefully constructed report, they've been able to work with their builder to see a large percentage of the documented defects corrected before they purchase their home. 

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