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Home Inspection Report

Welcome to our online home inspection report access portal. Before you access your report, we wanted to explain a few of the unique features and capabilities that we have incorporated into your report.

  1. If you need to increase or decrease the font for optimal viewing, you can zoom in and out using Control- and Control+ on your keyboard
  2. Clicking any picture will enlarge the photos on the screen to enhance the photo
  3. ORANGE hyperlinks are provided throughout the report if you need additional information about a concept or defect
  4. Clicking the “Summary” tab at the top right of the online report will allow you to view and print a condensed version of the report
  5. Clicking the “PDF” icon at the top of the online home inspection report will allow you to view this report as a PDF and it also gives you the ability to save and print. You can keep and print the entire report using this feature, or as always, continue viewing from your website access

Creating Your Repair List

Our report also provides you with the unique ability to create a separate repair list of your choosing. The links below will show you how to take advantage of this remarkable new feature, saving you and your agent time and eliminating any confusion. You can create as many repair lists as you would like.

How to Create a Separate Repair List Video Explanation

How to Create a Separate Repair List Demo and Tutorial

HomeGauge Home Inspection Software

**Your Inspection Report will be stored in our online database. You can view your inspection report or download/print at any time for at least the next two years.

CeS Inspections LLC uses a highly-personalized version of HomeGauge reporting software to deliver unmatched inspection reports. Your Inspection Report is uploaded to our website for you to view or print at any time for the next two years. All you must do is log in with your confidential username and password, and you can view your report from anywhere on almost any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t worry, if you lose or forget your information at any time just click the “lost password” link above or contact me and I’ll gladly reset it for you.

There’s certainly no harm in doing this, but it isn’t necessary. Your report will be available for your viewing needs for the next two years. Furthermore, we dislike the idea of having to print off reports or being forced to download a PDF. With our website upload, you can view your report, and so does your agent, while away from home and on most devices

Of course, That’s the best feature. As long as you have an internet connection you can retrieve your report; which is a beneficial tool for Real Estate Agents as well. Downloading and printing fifty pages or more of an inspection report is a very dated method. We highly recommend online viewing.

Not only that, but any inspection completed with CeS Inspections LLC will be available to you for at least the next two years. CeS Inspections will provide you with login information that will allow you to view every transaction done with CeS Inspections LLC. No more printing and marking inspection reports. Best of all, you can pull every report up from your mobile device while on the go.

You sure can. We will generate the report for you and send it to the provided e-mail address. You will need Adobe Reader or an equivalent program to view. If you have any difficulties with the installation or downloading just give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you.