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Scheduling the Inspection: Whether by phone or via our website form; we look forward to discussing your home inspection needs. Give us a call today & we’ll help answer all your questions regarding our Houston Inspection Services such as the scope, availability & cost of your home inspection!

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Houston Inspection Services

Included in Every Home Inspection

home inspection company

I employ a methodical structural assessment to help locate evidence of costly foundation and framing failure.

Houston Inspection Services

I’ll perform a detailed analysis of the main panel(s) & interior electrical distribution, focused on electrical function and life safety.

Houston Inspection Services

I’ll help you determine the overall condition of the home’s HVAC system and what level of risk you should expect before you purchase. 

Houston Inspection Services

I’ll provide you with a detailed report on the condition of the components and function of the water supply and distribution systems.

home inspection company

I use a high-quality thermal imager on every inspection to locate water leaks, electrical fire hazards, ventilation defects, and missing insulation.

home inspection company

Comprehensive inspection of your appliances (including dishwashers, ranges, ovens, microwave ovens, disposals, etc.).


I spend ample time constructing a narrative based report with detailed images to help ensure you don’t overlook a significant issue. That’s the advantage of a single-inspector firm! It is our goal at CE Schultz Home Inspections to exceed the state requirements of the Texas Real Estate Commission Home Inspection (TREC)  in every conceivable way.

The on-site phase 

Once scheduled, expect the on-site portion of the inspection to take anywhere from a few hours to a half-a-dozen to complete. The size and age of the home will be the determining factor in how long it takes me to complete the on-site portion of my inspection; including the summary review at the end of the inspection.

I always recommend attending the inspection for the summary review so we can discuss the overall risk to purchase the home, based on my findings. Further, it is a really good time to ask me as many questions about the home as you can muster. If you can’t attend, no worries. I write a meticulous report (I’ll take the Pepsi Challenge with any company in Houston) so all parties involved in the transaction understand what’s at stake.

The report writing phase

All my reports take place back at my office. ON-SITE report delivery only serves the interests of multi-inspector firms that are churning and burning!

Each of my reports include narrative style comments to help you fully comprehend the severity or complexity of a defect. I also edit all necessary images to highlight the defects located. Further, I’ll include detailed drawings, diagrams, & model building references. Writing the final report can take up to 3 hours.

I believe this type of report writing is vital to ensure that you don’t overlook a potential defect prior to purchasing the home. I see it happen all the time!

Generic comments and hand-written reports lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and frustration for everyone involved.

To take it one-step further, my reporting software comes with a custom request a repair list feature. Once you’ve receive the log-in information for your report, you can access a built-in feature and create a separate report with the click of a button. Re-negotiating prices & gathering quotes from prospective companies prior to purchase has never been easier.


CE Schultz Home Inspections is a Certified Home Inspector in the Houston and surrounding areas. Our Houston Inspection Services primary function is to discover and disclose costly repairs associated with your new home before you buy. We guarantee your satisfaction.