Pre-Pour Inspection

What is the purpose of a pre-pour foundation inspection?

The pre-pour foundation inspection is conducted when the home’s foundation make-up has been completed and the builder is ready to pour concrete.

The primary reason for an inspection at this stage is to ensure that the work done on your home’s foundation was conducted in a professional manner; before some of the vital in-slab components are completely covered by concrete.

What is included in a pre-pour foundation inspection?

As a master inspector, my primary concern when performing a foundation inspection for my clients is to ensure that the work conducted to build the foundation was conducted in accordance with typical installation protocols. The main systems that are inspected and reported on are as follows:

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Pre-Pour phase inspection

Your home is a large investment and you can avoid thousands of dollars in costly repairs by having a pre-pour phase inspection done.  CE Schultz Home Inspections is one of the top home inspectors in the Houston area and delivers foundation quality inspections to all new homeowners. Let us help you save!